A Wanted Criminal Helped Me Change My Tire Today And I Hope He’s Okay


So, me, being a young adult, and having some extra money, I decided to go buy myself a burrito. On the way there, I took a corner going a bit too fast. It would have been fine, but the ground was still wet from the off and on rain we’ve been having. I hit the curb. Hard. Feeling something was wrong with the car, I pulled into the nearest parking lot.

I start changing the tire and this guy with a ski mask on pulls into the church parking lot across the street from me. I see him try to gain entry. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to raise the tire jack, just hoping he doesn’t come over and murder me or something.

A couple minutes later, he comes over and pulls off he ski mask and offers to help me change the tire. I hold his cigarette as he works the jack for me. He loosens the tire as he tells me his story. His girlfriend is pregnant, and living about 45 minutes away, and she is threatening to commit suicide. To try to make it there in time to save her, he called the cops threatening to ‘f***ing kill somebody’. He tells me about his time in Iraq, and how he doesn’t believe in God. I tell him that I’m LDS (Mormon) and that I’m actually leaving on my church mission in a month and a half.

The cops pull into the parking lot across the street and start looking for him. He takes off, telling me that I’m a good guy, and he hopes my axle isn’t bent.

Two more cop cars pull up and start looking for him. I’m putting the spare tire on. The cops all leave to search, and the guy comes back, and makes sure everything is okay for me, and tells me to call him Chase. He says that he still doesn’t believe in God, but that he doesn’t believe in coincidences, and my conversation with him helped gain the only faith he has in a higher being. Just then, the cops all show up again, and he complies with them.

I learn the guy’s name is Daniel, and he tells the cops he’s unarmed, and just trying to save his girlfriend’s life. Daniel then turns to me and tells me I can have his 2010+ Honda Accord. The cops say that he shouldn’t be giving his stuff away just yet, even though he does have a warrant for his arrest.

At this point my (flat) spare tire is on the car, and I thank Daniel and wish him luck, and leave.

As I looked in the rear-view mirror, Daniel was getting arrested. I really hope someone made it to his girlfriend in time.

My tire is bent, but I think the struts and axle are okay.

TL;DR Wanted a burrito, criminal helps me change my tire, never got my burrito.

Edit: I got my burrito. Daniel’s car is still in the parking lot, but he left his emergency lights on and the battery is dead now. I don’t know what happened to his girlfriend.

Edit: Edit: Pictures of my tire and hubcap as requested. You can’t really see that the tire is bent, but if you try to roll it, it wobbles and immediately falls over.