Under It All We Are Just Human


When we are facing our fears or aversions of another human who may be different from us — we are actually facing a face.

There are good leaders, and there are definitely not good leaders, and there are bad leaders. Evil leaders do exist. However, there are people that truly make a difference in the real world — that will change people’s lives forever. And this is just exactly Momondo did.

Momondo gathered 67 test subjects who were “proud” — or a little “too proud” — of their ethnicity and heritage. But they were also full of bias against people of other races’, who in their eyes are totally different from themselves. The prejudice that lives on today is portrayed elegantly in this video, which conducted a DNA analysis showing people that who they think they are and where they came from may be entirely different than what they originally believed.

‘We are all humans’

This is a simple reminder to be mindful that ‘We are all humans’. We are Flesh and Blood, we do not hurt each other. We do not judge each other. We must make ourselves aware of any inner conflicts we may have with others, conscious or not. This includes conflicts with culture, religion, skin color, sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual), physical appearance, and perceived nationality, for theses biases still exist, and we must make aware of why they are imprinted in our consciousness. These biases have a root within us that we can change.

People still think “I am better than…”, “I am stronger than…”, “I am smarter than…” and it does not end. Will it? I’d like to think so. We as a human collective follow others. There are rarely leaders yet there are many conformists. And this does not have to be a bad thing if we are conforming for the greater good of society and humanity — as a whole.

We all have a belief of who we are — and sometimes when we think very strongly about the wrong kind of beliefs — they can completely shatter our limited reality. However, this sometimes is necessary for a greater and more enhanced new-world view of what our purpose really is here on Earth. Maybe restructuring our beliefs about ourselves will restructure our beliefs and how we think of others. And one of these new beliefs may be: there is no one greater man or woman, there is only human.

Let there be light

If there is darkness, there is also light — and a lot more of it. I see the next 3 generations changing how we currently run the system completely. But, it is up to us to get these generations on their feet and thinking in an entirely new direction. We need to be the leaders of our children, our children’s children, and so forth. Do you want a good leader, a bad leader or an evil leader? Do you want respect at the dinner table, while chaos lurks outside your door?

Everyone is affected by politicals, religion, and the state of humanity right now. Everyone has something to say, and it should be said, no matter what is happening — whether it’s on social media, in front of a camera on CNN or a journalist at BBC. There is a shift going on in the world. Kids are getting smarter and more conscious of the kind of world they are living in. And unfortunately some of these kids are falling — and falling fast.

Let’s do this: let’s remember we are all human, no matter what. We all came from another human being, remarkably. There was an innocence in all of us at some point in our lives — and it may still remain — or it may be lost deep inside ourselves somewhere.

Take off the clothes, the makeup, the body type — and underneath it all — underneath all of that stuff — is a human. Under the skin, we are all flesh and blood with a miraculous beating heart, doing the best we can, every single day. The only kind of expectation we can really have is of ourselves. So go, be you, and let others — let them be them. Can we please live, now?