Trust The Process


It’s easy to be hard on yourself.

It’s easy to be mad at yourself for letting your grade point average slip. It’s easy to be upset that you let yourself gain a little weight. It’s easy to be disappointed that you neglected friendships. It’s easy to be hard on yourself for whatever it is that’s not up to par in your life.

It’s easy to see the worst in the person staring back at you in the mirror.

We are judgmental people. We judge people for what they wear, we judge them for what they eat, read, do and say. We judge them for acting a certain way, and we judge them for not acting a certain way. But in the end, we judge ourselves the most.

We will not always feel 100 percent completed, finished or content with ourselves, and that’s okay. There is always room for improvement and there is always something to work on. There is always a book we can read to expand our knowledge, a skill we can learn to become more well-rounded or a workout we can take on to improve our health.

What we need to accept, what we need to trust, is the process itself.

If you are disappointed in yourself about a choice you have made or the result of an accumulation of choices you have made in your past, work on it.

Your regrets and disappointments will follow you around forever until you learn to accept them or change them. So, if you can’t accept something, then change it- but don’t hold yourself hostage in a self-inflicted limbo.

Change whatever it is you are being hard on yourself and judging yourself for.

No, I am not exactly where I want myself to be today, but I am one step closer than I was yesterday. No, I am not the person that I want to be fully, but I am proud of the person I am becoming.

Make small changes, and recognize that you’re making progress. Dare to be proud of yourself for working toward what you want and changing what you don’t like.

Be happy with yourself and the changes you are making. You have a choice. You can look in the mirror and see regret and disappointment, or you can look in the mirror and see hope and the future. One’s easy, and one takes a little more effort.

Don’t take the easy way out, not this time.