Trump Threatened To ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea In His Embarrassing UN Debut


To President Trump, every arena and channel through which he communicates is his playground. He believes he is free to speak as he sees fit, as if he is in his backyard talking to his buddies. He applied this attitude to his television shows, interviews, campaign speeches and even his inauguration. Now, the United Nations is the latest place that Trump has used extreme rhetoric to embarrass all once again.

The United Nations was meant to be a place for problem-solving. It was meant to be a place where countries can come together and use diplomacy as their primary avenue towards peace. Instead, our president took the opportunity to try to intimidate not one, but two sovereign nations.

He referred to Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” and said the U.S. is not afraid to “totally destroy North Korea.” North Korea has not been the friendliest of countries recently, but they are yet to take any action that would justify beginning a large scale war against them. Unless Trump’s goal is indeed to start a nuclear war, they deserve some respect, just as all nations do. Even if you believe that North Korea has no business conducting nuclear tests and that Trump should be able to say whatever is on his mind in response to their actions, that doesn’t make Trump’s use of violent rhetoric inside the walls of the United Nations acceptable. If another country used Trump’s rhetoric towards the United States, we would lose our minds. What makes it acceptable for our leader to use it?

As for Iran, Trump referred to them as a “reckless regime” that “speaks openly of mass murder.” Again, not to say that the United States and Iran should be best friends, but President Trump, why don’t you save the locker room talk for the locker room next time? Surprisingly, Trump called for peace in Syria and said that an agreement should be made that “honors the will of the Syrian people.” That’s what we all would hope for and is the correct thing for the president to say publicly, but it is far more difficult to believe that this is his goal when he says he isn’t afraid to “totally destroy” another country in the same speech.

As for his weekly Twitter news, he decided it would be funny to retweet a gif which was edited to imply him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball. I’ve never been president before, but I’d imagine there are more important things to do than use Twitter to poke fun at someone he already defeated in the election nearly a year ago.

This is our president. Our children and grandchildren will read about these events one day, and we should all be embarrassed.