Today I’m Letting You Go Because I Owe That To Myself


They say you have to find yourself in order to let go.

Finding yourself in a sense that you no longer think that you are never enough,

That you aren’t beautiful,

That you aren’t smart,

That you are never going to be the person you thought you wanted to be.

Finding yourself in a sense that you will stop looking for someone you want to become,

And start realizing that you are perfect just the way you are.

You may not be beautiful,

You may not be smart,

You may never going to be the person you thought you wanted to be,

But you are always enough.

You may not be enough for him but you must remember that he does not define you,

No one can define you but yourself

You became broken because of a person who made you limit yourself into someone who would fit him perfectly

Because you thought you could change yourself for someone,

But in reality,

You could never change for anyone.

You thought that by putting barriers around yourself, he would suddenly realize how great you are;

But that could never happen

Because how could he

When you yourself couldn’t realize how great you are.

You fell deep, thinking you could get back up

But you never got the chance to

Because he unknowingly pinned you down to the point wherein you didn’t aim to get back up anymore

But you aimed to stay on the ground just so that you could be by him.

You were blinded by his pretenses,

You were fooled by his excessive charm, seemingly warm companionship, and false promises

So you failed to realize that

He was always with you,

But he was never there for you

So you became stuck in this never ending cycle of becoming the girl whom he goes for,

Becoming the girl he wants,

Becoming the girl you hope he will want,

Becoming the girl he wouldn’t want to lose

But in turn, you weren’t aware that you lost the only person that you should be afraid of losing;

You lost yourself.

They say you have to find yourself in order to let go;

Well I say you have to let go in order to find yourself.

So please let go;

Let go of something not worth holding on,

And start finding the things that are worth holding on.

You can at least owe that to yourself.