To Those Who Fear Change In Life


Change is inevitable.

All that we once knew, all that we once loved, all that we once found security in — it’s bound to change like the seasons.

There’s so much beauty to be found in the dying leaves around us, even the dullest ones once glimmered ever-so-brightly. There’s so much beauty to be found in the dying souls that surround us because unlike the leaves, we don’t have to wait until the next season to glimmer brightly once more.

I used to be terribly afraid of it — I think we all are for a large part of our lives. I used to believe that change was somehow equivalent to absolute oblivion, and that we would steadily decrease in importance and meaning the more we evolve. However, I learned with age that this is the very opposite of the truth. I learned that I, too, change with the leaves and change with the seasons. We all do, after all — there’s never a moment in time when people are stagnant. We’re constantly growing, constantly learning, constantly becoming different versions of ourselves. We’re linear constants and while mathematically incorrect, we are destined for much greater things than numbers that seem to go on endlessly, infinitely searching for a purpose.

I want you to find comfort in the constant transition that life holds. I want you to embrace change, rather than fear it. I want you to realize that the only thing that’s permanent in this lifetime is the continuous temporary nature of it all. I want this awareness to help you feel more secure with the ever-changing energies beneath your own skin.

It’s all meant to transition. It’s all meant to prosper. It’s all meant to grow. What makes you think that you’re an exception? You’re made of the same materials as everything else on this planet. We’re all merely flowers on a petal; we fall, we wither, and we crumble. We decompose onto the ground beneath us and get torn apart at our seems. Sometimes, we lose our color and stop glistening in the sun once winter comes- but winter always ends, and spring is what it brings.

That’s when we bloom once more. We become new again. We become colorful again.

As you endure your seasons, I want you to remember this when your leaves fall off:

You, too, will fall.

You will wither

You will lose your color.

You will bloom again.

Stop allowing your happiness to depend on those who water every seed except their own. More importantly, water your seeds as you would water everybody else’s. Don’t forget to recognize and embrace your weeds before you rip them out and remember that thorns are a part of every beautiful rose.

There is beauty to be found in all this darkness. You will learn how to create your own sunlight and once you do, you’ll never allow yourself to become deprived again.

I hope in these coming days, you nourish yourself.

I hope in these coming days, you allow yourself to grow.