To Those Who Always Understand Others Unconditionally


If you are the person who can always understand everyone, unconditionally. You are the ones that should be applauded. It takes a lot of heart, takes a lot of love for you to do that.

For those who always sincerely give their time for everyone. There is something admirable in that action, not a lot of people would have done what you do. The sad thing is that a lot of people are so occupied with their own lives, some do not want to give their time because they think they are the most important people on the planet, some do have difficulties as they are trying to make their own life work due to their difficult circumstances but you are nothing like them.

You have difficulties in your life as well but you still put other people first, you love them, you care for them, you even make a stranger feel as if they have known you for a long time just because you smile at them. However, the world does not always act kind towards you.

The world even treats you miserably, they call your sensitivity as a weakness, they say that you are searching for attention and recognition, they say that you should not focus on other people, only yourself but you know that is not true.

You know that your sensitivity is your greatest asset. You know that without it, you would never have the heart to help people. You can feel their pain, what and why they are hurting about and you heart aches with their pain. You can understand them and even feel what they feel. You want to help them because you know how much it hurts them and what hurts them does hurt you too.

You know that you are never looking for attention or recognition, you care for neither of them not even appreciation, because you know that you do not need them. In this selfish world, you are a light that shines in the darkness, uou are a beacon of hope for those who are lost and forgotten and you know how wrong it is to focus on only you. It is not wrong to focus on your life, to focus on building it, you know that and you do not apologize for doing so but you know that life means so much more than looking only after your own.

You know that your purpose is to help others in any way that you can, you take your time off to listen to people venting about what went wrong in their life, you do not take it personally when people took out their anger to you, you understand that they are hurting so you let it go but sometimes it all took a toll on you, doesn’t it? You feel tired, sad, and drained but the worst part of that is that they do not understand what they have done to you. They still demand you to always listen to what they are telling you about, maybe it is because they do not understand that you have your own life as well or maybe it is because they have no one else who understand them and you are the only one who are willing to listen to them when no one else would.

And maybe because they know that you are an altruistic person, you are genuine, you are the personification of love and kindness, and you bring them hope. You bring them hope that one day, love will enter their lives again. You make them feel as if they have a chance to be redeemed, a chance for them to start brand new. You gave them hope that if you can love them, then those that they hurt eventually can love them again too but they do not realize that they are asking too much from you.

You can only do so much can’t you? Yes, you can love them, can forgive them, can accept them for who they are and that is actually enough. Yes, you do not need to do that. You have done more after going an extra mile for them. You are already a hero without you realizing it so take your time to do what you need to do.

You may ask, “What should I do?”

Take your time off, do something you like, maybe go to the movies on your own. You asked again, “Is it alright?”

Yes, darling, it is more than alright. We all need a time off once or twice, and even more than that. Sometimes we forget that we can put ourselves first, sometimes we forget that self-care is important, we forget that we can only help others when we are in our prime condition both physically and mentally but you often forgot this because your heart is too pure and too kind because you do love people, unconditionally and that is what everyone loves about you.

I just hope that you remember to love yourself too. Why? Because you deserve all the love you have been giving to others for yourself too, more than anyone else in this world.