To Those Of You Who Are Young And Lost


If I could offer one listening lost kid a piece of advice it would be this; this world will break you and make you cold if you let it. It will make you feel vulnerable and feeble. But most of all it will take away your sense of love and care.

There will be days when all you will want to do is lay in bed and give up on all your dreams and ambitions. The only thing you will feel is helplessness like you’re being swallowed by all your dark negative thoughts with no light peeking in to help you shake the emptiness.

Some people go on for a lifetime never truly existing outside of their fears. My advice is to push forward, to love, and to care.

Put on the damn clothes even if you have the choice to lay in bed all afternoon. There are kids who never get to own a decent piece of clothing, so why should you forget to appreciate what you have to put on your back.

Pick up something to eat and nourish your body and mind even if it makes you want to puke. Decent drinking water isn’t even available to all, so why are you letting the food you could sustain yourself with go to ruin. Get to school and work as hard as you possibly can, never giving up because something seems to hard to comprehend. Children all over the world don’t even have the right to an education, and here you are giving up on the one thing that so many others pray for.

The biggest problem with people today is the loss of wanting to make the world a better place for each and everyone. I hope you never lose your sense of love and care for yourself and always for others.

It’s human nature to need someone to lean on for support and direction. Never forget those moments when you felt like the world was closing in on you, because others out there feel the same way if not worse. I hope you always greet people with a smile and with respect no matter what their position is in
the world. That be whether they are someone on the streets without a place to call home or the president of America.

What you have to understand is that we only have one life to live on this earth. You don’t want to wake up when you’re forty and realize that you’ve wasted a huge chunk of it. I hope that you never look into a mirror and feel that type of self despair.

My advice is to always love and care about yourself and others, and to always do your best no matter how much you struggle. The choices you make today will affect your life in the future, good or bad. I want you to consider that you and your generation will one day be the ones to run the country; the world. My advice is that you may be one out of a trillion and you may think that it’s impossible to turn all the negativeness around when the world seems so gone.

However, it takes one person to start a multiplying effect of love and compassion. Never let anyone talk you out of whatever it is that your heart desires and always help anyone along the way. My advice to anyone and everyone is to reach for the heavens and to love and to care