To The Women Who Don’t Need A Man To Make Them Feel Good


Welcome to the 21st century where women are career pursuing, power hungry and somewhat sexually liberated. No longer are we confined to the interior of the home and expected to be married and popping out a baby in our early twenties. We don’t need men to depend on.

I pride myself on the fact that I can move all over the world, change careers, pursue influence and support myself. I can be whole heartedly happy with me, myself and I. Along with truthfully saying if I met some amazing guy tomorrow I still wouldn’t change my plans for him. This is our time to be selfish and choose a path that suits our dreams and desires. Everything else will fall into place.

However, it pains me to see women that still need male verification. A man to make them feel good, a man to depend on either financially or otherwise, and sometimes they just can’t stand being alone. Now don’t get me wrong, I love some good old male attention. Everyone has physical desires that need to be met. Whether that is through casual sex, a serious relationship or just plain old dating. I am more saddened by the inability to survive alone.

Being single is not the end of the world. People may consider the unattached life as lonesome, pitying that single friend. When in reality more often than not this free person is the happiest they have ever been, confident in the fact they can live in this world as an individual.

I think it is so important to truly know yourself and where your happiness lies before you want to share that happiness with someone else. Take chances, make mistakes, move to different cities, travel and experience what this endless world has to offer. It may not change you but rather open your mind to the things that you want most in life; from the people you choose to surround yourself with to your deepest dreams and desires.

In reaction to change arises new opportunities that can occur by altering one dimension of your life, whether that is starting a new job, planning a trip overseas, moving to a new city or merely swapping out gyms.

Being confident and happy with YOU is the most important step in life. Men should feel intrigued by your confidence not intimated. And, you spend a lot less time worrying about when the next boy will come around when you can focus on your ambitions.

So women take charge of your lives. Pursue life rather than love. Because love is always fluid, it is moving as you grow into a more fulfilled person. Life is something you can adapt, with small changes to make yourself a more confident and self-assured human being. Leave the men behind. They need to find their own paths as well, and trust me they will catch up…eventually.

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