To The Woman Who Took Him Away From Me, You Made Me Realize I Was Better Without Him


Thank you.

Thank you for taking away the person I thought was best for me.

Thank you for speaking up in concern for him, and ruining our relationship.

Thank you for all of that.

After you stepped in and put an end to the relationship, I had so much resentment towards you.

I thought I was in love with him and to me, he held thousands of stars.

But a year and a few months after the initial break-up, I see everything so clearly.

You stepped in because he was drowning in me.

You felt threatened by me, and not in an intimidating way.

You didn’t like me, and you never got to see the parts of me that proved you wrong.

That’s your loss.

You said I was childish.

So what? I’m in my early twenties. I like having fun. I’m silly and weird. I’m not going to sit back and be called “childish” because you mistake my fun and silliness as childness.

If I’m such a child, then why am I three years younger than the person you stole back from me, and doing so much better in every aspect of life?

Does a child work full-time? No.

Does a child go to college full-time also? Nope.

Does a child pay bills and manage their money? No way.

Does a child live their own life without their parents controlling every aspect of their lives? Haha, no.

You view me as childish, but I am not. I believe the real child is the person you took from me.

I maintain a job, I get an education, I manage my money, and I do the things I need to do as an adult.

Does he? No.

He barely works because he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t go to school because he doesn’t need to, he doesn’t manage his money because you give him everything he needs and wants as long as he stays away from me. You practically dictate his entire life.

Thank you for that.

Taking away someone with no ambition because you’re his whole world. That took its toll on me and I didn’t realize it until recently. I noticed that my job became dull because I envied that fact that he didn’t have to work. My school became irrelevant and my grades began to slide. My bank account slowly began to drain. He drained me slowly, and I’m glad you stepped in.

You can gladly have your leech back.

He can drain you of your happiness, of your freedom, of your money, and of your patience.

Thank you for stepping in and taking him back.

I know my worth now, and it’s so much better than that.

I deserve someone who motivates me to pour my heart and soul into my job and my education.

I deserve someone who will hold my hand and walk side-by-side as we take on the world together.

I deserve someone who will split bills, and alternate paying for things.

I deserve someone who will take a step ahead, and help pull me forward. And then I will do the same for him.

I deserve a team, a partner in crime, another half. HALF.

You took away someone I thought I was going to marry.

I’m fucking glad I didn’t.

You can have your leech back, who runs his mouth bragging about the drugs he does and how he has found a new “me.”

Nothing screams “I miss you” more than bragging about finding another me.

Search every corner of this universe, but you’ll never find someone just like me.

Thank you, to the woman who took away what I thought was the best thing.

I learned my self worth.

It’s so much greater than him.