To The Wild Souls And Messy Hearts: You Will Always Be Welcome Here


I like messy-hearted humans—the ones who aren’t afraid to live their lives drenched in every shade and color of the rainbow. I like humans that walk the unmarked paths and the washboard dirt roads, even if it means taking some routes alone. I like humans that radiate a warm golden glow – every salty air hue of a summer sunset. However, don’t ever foolishly think that I will not love your dark and stormy moments just as much, because I will. I will honor the messy days alongside you, allow them to visit and then send them on their way. There are days that must happen to you, so just know that you will never endure them alone.

I like the wild ones. I like humans that stitch their emotions to their oversized flannel shirts and distressed denim jackets. I like humans that acknowledge the feelings they house within their sternum, the vulnerabilities they display like badges of honor. I like humans that are unafraid of the judgment of others, the humans that place boundaries to protect themselves from the unhappy souls who love nothing more than to perpetuate drama and falsehoods. I like humans that have worked tirelessly to construct the life they have always dreamed of, the humans that have beaten the odds and proved everyone wrong. No one can ever take that away from you, because no one else has traveled the same path as you. This script, this story you are writing, it is yours and yours alone.

I like untamed souls, the ones that have a honeycomb for a heart – the souls who love sweetly and without limits, offering warm and comfy shelter from the storms of life, possessing an empathetic spirit that knows no bounds. The truth is, life is not always kind to the souls who live off-the-grid; the souls who break barriers, speak from their too-big heart, and stand for something even if that means standing alone. Life can hit so hard, it can be so unforgiving, and it will force you to your knees in the mud, wondering how you will go on. So, I need you to know that when the hurricane makes it to the shore, and your boat is pock-marked with devastating holes, I will hold space for you while you mourn. I will be there for you when words fail you, and all you can do is scream at the Universe, asking, “Why me?” I will honor your pace of healing; I will support you silently when all you can do is cry for hours and use curse words as your vocabulary of choice, because all of this is so damn human. And throughout all of the torrential downpours and uphill battles you endure, I will admire your beauty; I will marvel at your grace. You are a pillar of strength standing before me, and I think you are most beautiful in the quietest moments, your bare-faced, raw, and stripped down state. You are a work of art, and nothing you do will ever change my mind. With me, you can always be messy-hearted and unapologetic. You will be in very good company, because I own one of the messiest hearts around.