To The People Who Don’t Give Up


To the people who don’t give up, I admire you for you are the Earth’s most marvelous creatures. Despite the difficulties this life brings, you still go on and continue life. You still have the guts to smile and radiate positivity although deep inside you are dark because of all the negative things happening around. It’s not sheer pretense but it’s your way of saying “Life, you can’t steal my positivity. You can’t take away my happiness.”

To the people who don’t give up, I envy you for you can see the good in all the bad. You appreciate the idea that when something was taken from you, something more will be given. You welcome the thought of people hurting you and yet you are still the same loving person as you were before. You entertain people even when they seem so hard to please. You face life’s trials as if you are really a brave soul ready for what’s yet to come. I envy you for you still hope and hold on when everything in this life seems so wrong and worthless. There are so many heartless people but there you are, surviving and not giving up. I envy you.

To the people who don’t give up, I pray for you. I pray that He will sustain you. May He fuel your soul so that others will have the chance to be blessed because of you. I pray that you will never get tired of not giving up. I pray that in the midst of all the chaos in this world, you still bring your bravery and you fight. I pray that as you meet so many people, you give a piece of yourself to them. Give them a part of your positivity. Share with them a fragment of your strengths and hopes in this life. May you be the living epitome of great protagonists in literature. And above all, I pray that you may receive what you deserve after everything you’ve been through. I pray that you bear in your mind that God will make you wait for quite a long time but He will give you more than what you desire. He will never disappoint you. So, I hope you stay as you are. Don’t give up because you’re almost there.

To the people who don’t give up, I thank you for you are what makes this world a better place. You are the type of person who’s ready to lend a hand even though you have so many things to carry in yours also. You are the person who’s willing to listen to others in spite of so many voices you hear in your mind. You are the type of person who’s eager to take someone’s baggage not minding your own which can, sometimes, be heavier. You are this world’s shock absorber. You are many people’s confidant. You are an epitome of a superhero in reality. You are a shoulder to lean on.

So, thank you for not giving up in this life. Thank you for not giving up on people who seem so difficult, broken and, miserable. You are God’s instrument of lifting their spirits up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your life is a blessing.

To the people who don’t give up, I hope you know that you are the kindest. You are the best people in this world. You deserve to be loved, to be taken care of, and to be fought for until the end. And mostly, I hope you know that you are only human. I hope you know that whenever you feel empty, exhausted and numb, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel those things. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to feel like giving up, also. After all, you’re not unlimited. You are not God but you can be more like Him by acknowledging the thought that He’s there to help you, to lift you and to bring you back to your old self. So, cheer up. People who don’t give up may also give everything up to God and everything else will be better.