To The One Who Made Me Wait For Years


Four years. It has been four long years since you left me for someone else. I can still vividly remember how painful it was for me to continue with my life without you. Devastated was an understatement. Days passed where I faked smile after smile, and nights were spent crying myself to sleep. Numerous people told me to move on and forget you but the little hope that you have given me when we talked for the last time lingered on my mind. I continued to wait for you despite of knowing that somebody else has your heart. It was never easy. It was never fun. It was nothing that I have ever imagined.

You were the reason for my anguish, but you were also the purpose of my strength. I did not let go of the idea that you still belong to me in the end. It was my motivation to strive hard to become a better version of myself, and somehow I succeeded.

There are some things that I gained while I was fighting my way back into your arms.

I’ve learned that acceptance is essential in life. Therefore, I’ve accepted that while there are things that are not meant to be, there will always be some that are for me.

I’ve learned that trusting someone means you’re exposing yourself to more disappointments but it could also pave way for a tougher you.

I’ve learned that respect should start from within.

I’ve learned that honesty is greater than loyalty. We both know that I’ve learned this the hard way but I’m still thankful that it isn’t too late to recognize this.

Lastly, I’ve learned that love means loving someone dearly without expecting anything in return. It’s like letting destiny decide on what would happen next while I’m holding on to my faith that someday I’ll get to talk to you again and see if things will still work out for both of us.

And now by the strangest change of destiny, the most unimaginable twist of fate, the most outrageous, exciting, nerve-wrecking turn of events, my prayer has been answered. You came back.

Your charismatic smile, your warm presence, your kind words — now I realize that I am beginning to fall in love again, only this time, not with you. But with someone who’s willing to accept, trust, respect and love me with all honesty regardless of my flaws. While you were too busy ignoring me before, he was also busy making his world go around me.

Foolish as I may be, I didn’t notice him until you came back. Our memories came rushing in and it battled with his greatness and sincerity.

I don’t and will never regret the years that I spent waiting for you. Because it led me to the person who made me see my worth.

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