To The One Who Is Too Scared To Fall: Do It Anyway


Life is full of uncertainties, of unknowns and of questions marks. And yes, life at times can be so petrifying and scary, that you aren’t going to want to jump. And you aren’t going to want to fall. But please, do it anyway.

Life is too short to not take chances. So what if you jump and never get caught? So what if you fall head first and have no safety net to guard your heart? So what if you leap into the life you have always yearned for – so what if you crash?

What if you fail?

You aren’t going to die. You aren’t going to suffer forever. You aren’t going be burning forever. Because eventually, life is going to hand you something better and brighter for you to do. And eventually, you are going to have to get up and try again. Eventually, you are going to fall harder.

And what if you fly?

Fall hard for him. Fall harder for her. Fall hard for your life, and fall hard for yourself. Fall until you surprise yourself by how far you can fly. Fall until you are the strongest person who will be the one to catch yourself.

Fall into what makes your brain light up at midnight. Fall headfirst into the people that have been nothing but kind to you. Fall into your dreams that you have wanted since you were six years old. And fall into that fairytale that you never could’ve imagined for yourself – but fall anyway. 

Fall despite the challenges that will come up in your life. Fall despite how high that cliff looks. Fall despite how scared you are. Fall despite how many times you have failed before. And fall despite the broken parts that still cut at your heart.

Fall until there is no other choice but to succeed.

Because one day, falling will lead you to a better unknown. Falling will lead you to your best life that you never would’ve dreamed of. And falling will lead you to the best version of yourself who you haven’t even met yet. 

Fall again and again. Stop being so afraid of the end result. Stop hesitating just out of comfort.

Take that plunge. Dive headfirst into what you want out of your life. Stop making excuses. And just jump.

Fall until you get the man of your dreams. Until you get the woman of your dreams. Until you reach your career goal. And until you stop being so afraid of failure, because failure is the only way you will ever learn how to get to the top.