To ‘The One,’ I Hope You Find Me


I hope you find me because I’m not that brave to find you.

There are a lot of instances that I may have the chance to finally meet you but I’ve wasted. I let that possibly magical moment pass us by. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re the one who I bumped into today while checking out that yellow Veloster displayed at the mall. You’re attractive but as soon as your gaze went to my direction, I looked away and pushed away the thought; avoiding that eye to eye encounter. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re the one who I stepped back on while we were queueing in the ticket counter of the cinema. I just murmured a “sorry” refusing to look at your face. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re the familiar face I saw today with another girl. Though we had an eye encounter, I made sure it was brief. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re the guy who added and PMed me on Facebook months ago, whom I made conversation with. But it was a short one, though I’m willing to know you more. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re the new found friend of the previous guy I was talking about who I stalked on Facebook as soon as I saw his post. You’re good looking and very add-as-a-friend worthy but I didn’t click the button. I wasn’t that brave.

Maybe you’re some random guy I crossed paths with, without you or me even knowing because I was too busy pretending I’m busy with my phone, refusing any human interaction while walking down that crowded street. I wasn’t that brave.

And maybe you’re the one I’ve had on and off communication with for many months now, exchanging how are you’s, I miss you’s and heart-ful emojis but refusing to reply to your I love you’s, unsure of what I really feel. Afraid to figure out what’s this we have. I wasn’t that brave.

To my “The One” all I hope and pray is that may you find me. Please be the one brave enough to find me and I promise that when you do, I’ll muster up the courage to meet you halfway and start the lifetime we’ve both been praying for. I hope my “The One” is brave enough to break my walls and welcome my faint-heartedness because I am not that brave.