To The Old Souls Looking For Love


Our spirit embodies a connection that isn’t easy to create with just anyone. Whether or not that deeper connection exists with another being is an answer we struggle to discover.

You fear that no one will be able to understand the magnitude of your thoughts.

The anxiety you feel at 2 a.m. when life is running its smooth course.

The irrational fears you bear in your heart.

You fear that no one will be able to swim in the depths of your ideas.

Your beliefs in destiny and the signs God puts in your life.

Or the strange concepts such as astrology and dreams that offer an insight into an unconventional realm of life.

Or the fondness you have for late-night conversations encompassing perspectives on life and love.

You fear no one will be able to see the happiness gained from the small pleasures this universe has to offer.

From watching the colors of the sunset, hearing the calm rain tapping on your window, the flying feeling of swinging high.

From finding magic in between broken paved roads and empty alleyways.

From the idea that this world carries a thousand ways to drench your soul in nourishment and that we crave to find them.

You fear that no one will be able to unravel your mind to discover your deepest vulnerabilities.

That comprehending the complexities of your brain will make it difficult for them to love you.

That no one might be able to define the meaning of trust and honesty.

That companionship might be hard to come by.

Not because you’re afraid of giving it a chance, but because it might not feel like home.

Despite all of this, your strengths outweigh your fears. You are bold, strong, and resilient. Your wisdom is invaluable and your understanding of life’s deeper lessons helps you venture through life. Your soul carries a fire that isn’t easily burned out. Your values and ethics and morals are your assets. And your fiercely independent spirit is all you need to rely on yourself.

You will never be too passionate, too profound, or too individualistic for the right person. And when they arrive, you will know.