To The Next Girl In Line


To the next in line,

Be brave to be with him. For he too doesn’t know what the future holds. Be with him as he makes his dreams into reality. Be brave to face his mom! She may look strict but she’s really one of the most caring and loving women I’ve ever met.

Be with him faithfully as you both start your journey together as one.

Be happy.

Because trust me, he’s one of the most genuine people you’ll ever encounter. Feel wanted because he may not be good at expressing himself but I know in time, you’ll really feel the strong love that he has for you. Feel blessed because one day or another, you’ll feel like a princess with his old fashioned way of showing love.

Be strong.

Be strong when he farts out of nowhere. It may smell like Pringles but sometimes it’s deadly. Be strong when the time comes that he blames himself for every problem around him, be strong when all he has is you by his side, and be strong whenever you fight because after everything, you’ll realize that your love will always overpower all circumstances.

Be strong because losing him will be one of the most unfortunate things that will happen in your life and I don’t think you’ll be strong enough to handle that. I swear, I’m struggling.

Be understanding especially at times when he upsets you. Be understanding when you need to give up eating fast food since he’s fond of eating healthy food. Be understanding when he disappoints you because that’s probably one of the things that he’s afraid to happen, but it just does.

Be patient.

He tends to do things that will annoy you bigtime. Sometimes he acts like a kid but for me it wasn’t that annoying because I think he’s at his cutest whenever he acts like one. Be patient when the time comes that he doesn’t have the time to see you. He wants to! But because of his priorities, you have to learn how to set things aside and wait.

Be appreciative.

Appreciate all the things that he’s doing for you because I swear, I know he put effort on that. From the littlest to the grandest things, I know it came from his heart and he’s done it with pure thoughts and prayers hoping that you’ll end up smiling afterwards.

Be thoughtful.

Maybe not through material things, but the small gestures will do. He’s not really into material things but at least it still gives a smile on his face.

Please take good care of him. He’s someone that deserves not only the world, but the universe.

Be thankful.

Be thankful because if only I had the chance to go through everything with him again, I would’ve treated him better. I would’ve done more things just to keep him safe with me. Be thankful because now you have the chance to live the life that I will always dream to relive. Cherish every moment because not everyone gets the opportunity to be loved by him.

I’m wishing you both all the happiness, patience, understanding, and love in the world.