To The Ladies Who Tried Their Best


To the ladies who tried their best; you deserve happiness.

You tried your best and you gave your all to him. Your happiness only means one thing to you, which is his happiness. You tried your best because you believed he is the one. Even though, there were too many signs that he is not the one, you still tried your best.

You convinced yourself, this is love. “I love him unconditionally, thus, I must accept all his flaws.” Flaws that you wouldn’t tolerate in the first place if it wasn’t not him. You tried your best to be that perfect girl for him; pretending to be someone that you are not, just to make him stay. You keep telling yourself over and over again, “I love him. And this is what love truly means”.

When things worked out well for both of you, you felt glad that you tried your best. That your effort is finally starting to pay off. You were excited to be happy and enjoy your future with him.

But one day, he broke up with you with one simple reason. “I’m sorry. I don’t love you anymore. It’s not you who is at wrong. It’s me” he said. No matter how many times you begged for a chance so you can be better to him, the answer was still no. You were left all alone with thoughts that you never tried your best. If only you did better in the past, he would have stayed. He wouldn’t have fallen out of love. He would still be by your side now.

To those who tried their best, it’s time for you to stop. You tried your best but he didn’t.

You accepted all his flaws but he didn’t. You loved him unconditionally but he didn’t. A relationship doesn’t work if it’s one-sided. You tried, he didn’t.

So you should stop trying and be happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You deserve being loved by a man that tries with you, and not alone. You deserve to be you in a relationship and STILL be happy.

So now, to the ladies who tried their best; give yourself a pat on the back, and go find your happiness.