To The Kind Of Man I Hope My Future Daughter Marries


One day my home will be filled with pink bows and lots of balloons welcoming my newborn baby girl into this world.

One day I will be holding her hand and walking into school on her first day of kindergarten. She will have on a little dress with an adorable small pair of sandals, her hair up in pigtails. I don’t know who will be more scared, her or me.

One day she will get all dressed up in a beautiful dress, her hair and makeup will be done and she will look absolutely heartful as she heads off to her first high school prom.

One day she will meet you, and both of your lives will be forever changed.

I want to let you in on some things that might have otherwise taken you a little while to pick up on. Based on my past experiences with guys I’ve learned that they are not always the people they say they are and I want to be able to prevent her from learning this the hard way. So please, for the sake of the young lady that we both love with all of our hearts, listen to what I have to say.

Be a gentleman.
Hold open the door for her and help her take off her coat whenever it’s cold outside. If she forgets her jacket, give her yours and insist that you had been warm anyways whenever she tries to let you keep it. Flowers are always a good idea, birthday, anniversary, or on a random Tuesday, no matter the occasion there is no better surprise than letting her know you’re thinking about her (not to mention she is sure to brag on you to every single person she comes in contact with that day).

If you tell her you’re going to call, then call. If she is anything like her mother then she will be staring down her phone until the very second that your name makes it come alive. Insist that she calls you the minute she gets home from your house in the evenings and remind her that the bridge down the road a few minutes gets very slippery when it rains, trust me, it will mean the world to her knowing that you care.

Try to understand the things that she is interested in.
The bands, the movies, the TV shoes that she watches on Netflix for hours on end, all of those things can give you a little more insight as to who she is as a person and will allow you to never stop learning something about her.

One of the big things is that she will want to feel needed. So, let her in,
don’t be afraid to cry in front of her, don’t be afraid to call her in the middle of the night because you just have so much on your mind, and you don’t know how to process it, and her voice always brings you peace. Don’t be afraid to ask her to come over once she gets off work you don’t feel good or because you’ve had an absolutely awful day. Making her feel like someone who makes our day just a little bit better will make her feel just a little bit more special.

Please, remember your position in your relationship and do not take that lightly.

Encourage her.

Protect her.

Love her.

Guide her.

I pray that you are able to lead her closer to the Lord and that through the two of you, god will be able to do miraculous things.

Finally, on the big day, the day you ask my baby girl to become yours forever, just be yourself. You have already won her heart and however you decide to ask her she will be absolutely overjoyed.

Thank you for loving my daughter the way you do, I am so proud of having a son-in-law like you.