To The Kid Who’s Having A Hard Time, Everything Will Be Okay


Right now is an awkward time for you. You are mixed between sad, tired, frustrated, and maybe even lost. You are stuck. He (she) isn’t texting you back. You are fighting with friends. You never heard back from that job interview that you swore you nailed. You are beyond nervous about starting school in the fall. Put simply, this is a transitional period for you.

But I have good news. You don’t have to be mighty. You don’t have to conquer. You just have to survive. I know you wake up most days and say I don’t feel strong enough, but you continue to be strong enough anyway, and then some. You are you, and that is enough, that is your power.

Relationships are a struggle right now. Your own. Your families. Your friends. Your relationships with school and sleep, food whatever it may be. But I have also found the answer. Talk about it till you’re blue in the face. Find your friends, use them. Cry with them. And if it’s your friends you’re struggling with. Apologize, they’ll understand. But always be sincere. If it’s your relationship with a significant other/hookup/fling and their not giving in the effort you do, let that relationship go. You are a 12 PM text, not a 12 AM text. The only thing that matters is the house you built for yourself – and remember you can change the locks whenever you want and not everyone gets a key.

Don’t stress about school. There was a reason they accepted you in the first place. It is okay to be a little scared, but this is your chance to start a new chapter of your life, filled with numerous new friends, experience, and types of knowledge. And if this is graduate school for you – remember you survived undergrad, you got this. But with that being said, this is more intense – don’t forget to keep hydrated, eat, and practice self – care. No all nighters without any food in the library this time around. Buy one awesome planner. Post it your books until you forgot what color the pages are. Pack snacks.

Don’t let the job hunt discourage you.
It’s hard! It’s a really tough market out there right now, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worthy, or good enough or deserving of a good job. It’ll come to you. Take a risk apply to something you think you’d never get, you never know. That might turn out to your dream job.

But, let’s not forget it is okay to not be okay for a bit. Fake it till you make it. Go on a long drive, go to the beach. Sleep in your friends’ bed with a lot of blankets. Watch your favorite show because it’s all worth it. The sun is still going to come up tomorrow and that emptiness and heaviness in you will go away. You’re going to laugh like you mean it. You’re going to make it.