To The Guy Who Keeps Playing Hard To Get


To the guy who keeps playing hard to get: Stop it already.

You obviously like me, so man up and just let yourself feel. I get it—you’re afraid and that’s fair. You’ve been hurt, but so have I. It’s a leap of faith, this thing called love. A risky game of win all or lose all. We may not be right for each other, but we’ll never know unless we try.

Don’t say no to a date just to spite me for having said no to you the night before. You’re acting ridiculous. I have a life outside of what I want with you, and you need to learn to respect that. You’re trying so hard to pretend like I don’t matter, when you very well know that you’re curious about me.

Look, I like you. I like it when you “casually” put your hands on my hips when we walk and I love it when we interlock fingers while we hold hands. I like it when you get close. I like to hear your voice. I like to spend time with you.

For once in your life don’t think about the pros and cons. Let’s just live in the moment. I get that in our consumer world we’re always looking for the next best thing, but the truth is that the way you look at me tells me that you think I am your next best thing. You’re scared of failure. You’re scared I won’t meet your expectations and that you’ll be hurt, but we’re both running that risk. It’s not just you. You go around saying how you’re a master at the fine art of adulting, but to be honest you’re being a baby about me.

They say the first step is the hardest, but I’m willing to meet you halfway. Let’s walk together. Baby steps, to more firm steps, to skipping, to running and hey, if we fall we’ll just help each other up and keep walking. Don’t overthink. Don’t think at all.

Why waste time when we can stay out all night on Friday and wake up next to each other on Saturday? Why waste time getting to know other people when we’re both tired of swiping? Why waste time pretend-laughing at other people’s jokes when we die laughing each time we see each other?

I can’t make it any clearer, so if you understand what I am telling you, let me know what it is that you want to do.

Much love,

The girl who’s getting tired of waiting.