To The Guy Who Broke My Heart, Thank You


It has been a few months since the last time that I have talked to you, it was on my birthday, a few days after you ended things between us. I think that was the most heartbreaking conversation that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I ended our conversation with a simple “Thank You,” even though there are a lot of things that I have been dying to ask you.

Why did you give up on me?

Why was it so easy for you to leave me?

Did you really love me?

I don’t know why you gave up on us so easily. I never thought that we would end up like this. I never thought that you would hurt me like this. I trusted you. I thought that you would never hurt me, because when we were still together there wasn’t a time that I felt unloved, sad and empty. I was so contented with you, that there is nothing more that I could ask for. And all of a sudden, you left. No explanation. No closure. You just left.

I don’t know how to be myself again after you left me, I don’t know how to move forward after everything, how to act normal every time I see you in class. I don’t know which piece of myself do I have to pick up first. You left me with nothing but the broken pieces of myself. You broke me, no scratch that. You destroyed me.

But after everything that you have put me through, I never hated you, not even a bit. Sometimes it is easier for me to say that I hate you than to explain myself why I don’t. As a matter of fact, I am thankful for what you did to me.

I am thankful because saved my heart from being broken again, after everything that you have put me through I know that I can make now make it through whatever heartbreak that I will face in the future, you’ve made me stronger that I will never have to put myself back together again when someone I love leaves me.

Thank you because you’ve made me realize my worth. You’ve made me realize that I don’t deserve the kind of love that you were giving me, I deserve better than that. I deserve a guy who will tolerate my bad side, a guy that will love my imperfections, a guy that will never use my flaws against me and a guy that after seeing how imperfect and flawed I am, he would always choose to stay. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet that guy.

You me taught a lot of things in life. I learned that not because your relationship is so close to being perfect it doesn’t mean that it will not end, it doesn’t mean that you’ve already found the one. You helped me realize that relationship takes a lot of work and effort. It’s not always just about love, it’s not just always about being happy. It’s about arguing about little things, going through a lot of emotional breakdowns, and most importantly about working things out after all the dramas.

So, whoever you may be with right now, I hope she’s making you happy and I hope that you are now contented with what you have. I will be forever thankful for what we had, you’ve once made me the happiest girl in this planet. I will never regret anything about our relationship, you will always be in my heart. I do hope that you have learned something from me as well.

We may be strangers now but I do hope years from now I could get to see you and finally say, “Thank you.”