To The Girls Thinking They Have To Live Up To Expectations


Dear every girl who feels like they need to live up to expectation,

YOU DON’T. Okay? You were made to be the way you are for a reason. Do you think Sally Ride went up into space to ‘go with the flow’? Do you think the Playboy bunnies were forced into their job due to peer pressure? No. They all decided to go their own way and look how successful they are.

Girls are a different kind. We were made so boys don’t do something stupid every minute of their god damn lives. We put them in their place, though sometimes, we need them to put us in ours. That’s just how this life works, but please, darling, don’t feel the need to “better” yourself when you’re at the best you can be. If he doesn’t see your true beauty, then fuck him. He’s not worth your time and tears, and someone will, and I mean WILL see that true beauty. It will definitely take time, though, so be patient. I can assure you that Prince Charming is looking for you, too.

If someone makes fun of how you look, or the way you act, or how you dress, look them right in the eyes, smile a little, and turn away, because you’re so much better than that. Perfection isn’t being skinny, or having all the designer brands of clothes and accessories. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, meaning that being 5’4 and 140 pounds is perfect, just like being 4’11 and 80 pounds is. One day, if not today, someone will see your perfections, and maybe they’ll see your “imperfections,” but I swear, they’ll love all of it the same. Don’t you DARE think that you need to change, because you were made this way for a reason, and a damn good one, too.

So, in conclusion, you don’t need to change. Changing is inevitable, I know, because you’ll grow old and get married and move away from your hometown (probably), but there is a couple things you don’t need to change. You don’t need to change your style, just because someone brought you down. Flaunt that. You don’t need to change how you look, just because someone brought you down. They’re just jealous. You don’t need to leave the guy who you’ve had a crush on for God knows how many years, just because someone brought you down. If you think it’s true, then by God so be it. If not, then do something about it. You’re perfect, and that’s all you need to know.

With the deepest sincerity,
A girl who has been in your shoes