To The Girls Still Searching For Big Love


There is nothing wrong with being a romantic. There is no fault in assuming you deserve adoration, devotion, and respect. If you get pissed off by one word texts, last minute blow-offs, and the entire idea of “ghosting” someone, I am with you. Here’s the thing about believing in old-fashioned love: people will try to tell you to stop expecting so much. Let me declare now, I will never stop expecting big love and you shouldn’t either.

To the girls who get called sensitive too often, don’t let the bitter in heart stop you from feeling everything deeply. To feel is to experience life fully.

To the girls who are told being passionate is unfavorable, don’t trade in dedication for detachment. You are willing to fight for love and that is admirable.

To the girls who get hurt a lot because your optimism often outweighs your sensibility, don’t surrender to expecting the worst from people. Disappointment is a natural part of life and love.

To the girls who pray for a life filled with surprise, wonder, and joy, don’t withdraw from the world. Notice how many acts of love you can find wherever you look.

Love was created to be intangible, enormous, and meaningful. Love gives us purpose. Love has the power to alter us over and over. Love, big love, is inspiring.

Don’t apologize for wanting life-changing love. Don’t settle for less-than-extraordinary love. Search endlessly for your best friend, for that “love you, even when I hate you” love.

Wait for love that moves, love that acts and love that stops everything for you. Go after the love that astonishes you, but also the itty bitty love; the love that does your laundry and surprises you with lunch and comforts you when something bad happens.

Expect the kind of love that is there for you every day, not because it’s easy but because that’s what love is. Yearn for love that trusts, that serves, that cherishes. Real love pursues. Real love can’t help but show itself.

To the girls who are frustrated, busying themselves by swiping and double tapping and snapping. You are missing the point of everything. To have faith in love is the biggest victory of all. Now carry on, heart first.