To The Girl Who Won His Heart


Do you have the slightest of idea how lucky you are? I used to tell myself that I would never ever give him up, but seeing how he got his eyes on you, I was left with no choice but to stop running after him — it was clear that you and you alone were his finish line.

I know that you feel the same way he feels about you; And I’ll settle with that. Please take good care of him. He has this bad habit of watching over others before taking care of his self. Remind him to take his meals on time. And his things too, he will forget the most important of things, especially when packing, so please do check on him. 

Take lots of pictures together. He won’t tell you, but he secretly loves that. Take pictures of the most random of things even when he’s just tying the lace of his rubber shoes. Post those pictures online. He loves you too much and he wants the world to have a glimpse of your lives together. And don’t forget to tag him whenever you find funny things online. He’ll do just the same for you. 

And out of all the things I’d ask you to do for him, the most important favor I will ask of you, is to please support him through everything. With all the responsibilities he carries with him, he needs your support more than anything else. He need his own and personal cheerleader, and you are so lucky to be that person for him. He will be hard headed and he will make the wrong choices, but please be there for him, through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sad. He will need you. 

I know that you’ll take care of him, darling. That’s why I’ve came to the decision of leaving the two of you together. Please make him the happiest. And please don’t hurt him, never let anyone hurt him. 

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