To The Girl Who No Longer Recognizes Her Own Reflection


Hello, beautiful.

You were always the girl with the big dreams. The girl who believed in fairy tale love and Prince Charming. The girl with the hippie “whatever will be, will be” outlook on life. You were always the one there with a listening ear, an open heart, and sound advice. You were everything for everybody else.

But somewhere along the way, you forgot about you.

All those dreams you pushed to the back burner in the name of love. True love was supposed to be forever. True love was supposed to last. True Love was your security, your reason, your life. But now you see that that love wasn’t so true. Now when you look in the mirror, you no longer recognize you. Where did you go? You were the girl who was always happy. You were the girl who was the life of the party. You were THE GIRL.

It’s time to find that girl again. Never give up on her again. Never let her go again. Because she is the love of your life. Loving her will put the light back in your eyes after this heartbreak. Loving her will make you complete again. Loving her will breathe life back into those old dreams you have slept on. Wake them up. Let them start a new day. Let them motivate you and take away this pain.

Hey, beautiful.

You know that girl in the mirror. She disappeared on you for a while, but now she’s peeking out from behind the storm clouds like a ray of sunshine. Never let her go again. Always keep her front and center in your life. She will always have your best interest at heart. She will never let you down. She will love you unconditionally. As she should, because you are perfect just the way you are. You are important. You have worth. You are talented. You are loved. It may take you a while to get reacquainted with that girl you once were, but slowly, a little more each day, she is coming back to you.