To The Girl Who Is Still Waiting For Love


How cliché it is when people say that you should not find love, that you should wait for it to find you instead. I think otherwise.

Love is neither a hide and seek nor a waiting game.

It is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; it is the rain that pours when you forgot to bring your umbrella. It’s the river that keeps on flowing. Sure, it finds you, but you should never wait for it. You have a life yet to live.

I know how hard it is to think that no one is interested in you or no one has really been serious about you. That feeling when you are always left suspended in the air because of this guy who keeps changing his mind.

Don’t wait for him to be certain of his feelings for you, if he loves you, that’s it. Love should not be delayed.

The universe can be a bitch most of the times. When you are alone having tea in a fine Sunday afternoon, you will instantly be surrounded by couples who seem to can’t get enough of each other. Do not turn away. Look at each of them. Let that love they share radiate towards you, so that you will love yourself more.

They will make you realize that love doesn’t always have to be shared. There is self-love, too. Don’t forget that.

You can travel the world without having someone by your side to watch the sunset with. You don’t necessarily need someone to share your cup of coffee. You can do all things you want to do by just being with yourself—or with friends and family. You should never isolate yourself from all the things that make you feel loved and in love. Guys are just one of those things, not the only one.

You are not a damsel in distress who needs saving. You are your own Queen; you know better. Your Prince Charming isn’t stuck on a tree; he lost his white horse. So do not wait.

This is not your fairytale. You are in the wrong world.

As much as you don’t want to wait for love to find you, I know you still do. Of course, you are a hopeless romantic. You hope that the love stories you’ve read or heard from others will happen to you in real life.

Stop with your wishful thinking and write your own story.

Do not look for love in books. Do not wait for love to find you. Learn how to live without looking around waiting for Cupid’s arrow to finally hit you. Just let things be and free yourself from all the expectations and standards you stored securely at the back of your mind. You are the only one putting pressure on yourself. Stop. Being in a relationship should not come in haste. It takes time to build the kind of love that’s eternal.

Do not wait for love, let love wait for you—until your heart’s strong enough and truly ready for what’s to come next.