To The Girl That Stole Him From Me


People would always tell me not to settle for less than what I deserve. But why did you? Why did you have to settle for someone who is already in a relationship? Why did you have to ruin someone else’s happiness? Have you ever thought about what it would do to the people involved in the relationship you ruined?

If the person I love cheated on me with someone, I would feel so down. I would feel as though I wasn’t a good partner. I would constantly think I wasn’t enough. Weren’t my good night messages enough to keep him asleep peacefully at night?

What did I lack that made him feel that you were the complete package?

Were my flaws too much to handle? I would constantly ask myself where I went wrong, what I did wrong, why did he leave me hanging, why did he replace me with you? I would sit down and wonder what my shortcomings were. I would doubt myself if I am still enough to make the person I love happy because if I were, he wouldn’t have looked for anyone else, he wouldn’t have looked for you.

You let all of this happen for what? Your own happiness? The kind of happiness that you stole from someone who already had it.

How can you live your “happy” life knowing you came in between a love that was meant for two people alone. If you think being someone’s dirty little secret, mistress, lover, other woman, whatever you call it, is happiness, then don’t you think finding happiness with the right guy would be so much better?

Why did you let your heart decide for you know damn well that in situations like this, it’s wrong. Don’t ever use love as an excuse for such action because that won’t justify it. Why did you let yourself be the third party when surely there is someone out there who’s going to treat you so much better, someone who will put you first because that is what you deserve, what any woman actually deserves.

I will never understand why. Why you had to be that type of person. Why you had to do it. To be honest, you aren’t so much of the problem here. You are the distraction. Unfortunately, he gave in to you. Don’t feel proud of yourself, knowing that you’ve accomplished your petty mission. But hey, kudos to you.

If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have realized that I was wasting my time, my efforts, my love, on the wrong person. If he cheated on me with you, then what are the chances of him doing the same thing to you? Why settle for being someone’s ‘other’ when you can be someone’s ‘only’?

And the worst thing is that the boy I love, or I used to, settled for a girl like you, who doesn’t know where to step foot in this world, our world. I hope you still find the courage to walk away from all of this and know that you still can. Walk away not just because it’s the right thing to do but also because you love yourself enough to know you are worth more. This made me realize that if I could love the wrong person so much, imagine how much I can love the right one.