To The Girl He Loved Before Me, You Destroyed Him


You destroyed him.

You destroyed him by taking the key to his hidden gems in another treasure chest.

You destroyed him by crashing his trusted ship to an iceberg of excuses.

You destroyed him by not making ways to adjust your sail just so you could meet him halfway.

You ripped his ego. You crushed his soul. You sliced his heart open.

You destroyed him.

I was mad at you.

I was mad at you not because he chose you over me. I was mad at you because you had that chance to make him experience a love that is special but you ruined it. I was mad at you because he is not just the person I once loved but he is also one of my great friends.

I may not understand why you had to do that but if you felt that you were not treated right, you could have just leave instead of sailing into two oceans while he, himself, was oceans away from you.

Why did you kiss another and claim that you love him?

You destroyed him.

But you were still lucky because he still let you in his ship.

You destroyed him. But he seemed to have a piece of you left in his cabin.

Please don’t don’t do that again if you happen to have another captain.

Please. Let him sail away from you. Let him sail away from the destruction. Let him sail away from the pain.

Because you destroyed him.