To The Boy Who Thought Alcohol Made It Okay


Maybe it was me.

Maybe I had
a bit too much to
drink or,

Maybe it was
the way I
looked at you. you know, that

look of compliance,
affirming my status to you as
easy, loose,
maybe I’m the one to blame.

You would like me to
believe that, wouldn’t you?

You know what, I did.
for 365 nights of panic, I believed you.
It was only on my 4th trip to E.R.
when I realized, that

It was you, only you, and this
cacophonous society housing you.
inflating you with false
notions of glory.

feeding you
with lies of your
ownership over my body,
doing everything it can,
to make up for your fallacies.

doing everything it can
to topple over my