To The Boy Who Broke My Heart, You Should Be Afraid Of Me


No, I will not stalk you 24/7 like you expect me to. I will not send you hate mails or “accidentally” drop by your house on a random day and “accidentally” break your window. You may think I’m that type of girl, and honestly, I think I can be just that. But I won’t. You’re not worth the effort and the time, and I will not give you that satisfaction.

But here’s the thing, you should be afraid of me.

You hurt me. No, scratch that, you destroyed me, after all the bullsh*t you put me through. And what you don’t know about me is that I don’t let anyone trample on my feelings and get away just like no damage was caused. So let me be the one to say that I will destroy you, guaranteed. I will hurt you back, and you wouldn’t even see it coming. And my revenge won’t be delivered with sharp knives and sharper words. No, that’s not how I play.

Say goodbye to the miserable girl who used to throw her self-respect out the window just to chase after you, even when you clearly don’t seem to even give the slightest damn about her. Because when we meet again, that girl will be nowhere to find, and all that you’re going to see is a woman toughened by the horrible moments she had to endure after you ran away like nothing happened.

And I promise you, she will be happy, and it will no longer be because of you. You’ll realize that she managed to be happy, really happy, without you.

And it will destroy you so badly, because she used the remnants of her broken soul to make herself so much better than who she used to be.

I promise you, I will make sure that, at that moment, I have learned to love again. And it won’t be you. Not anymore. The woman you will meet wouldn’t be the same girl who gave you her entire heart and every good thing that came with it. You wouldn’t even recognize her. I destroy you with the way you’d want me back, exactly like I want you to, but I would no longer be yours.

And when our eyes meet and you finally say hello, I will reply with a “thank you” instead. And that’s when it’ll hit you, that it has always been a game, and you lost.

That one person who was willing to love every unlovable thing about you. You lost her.

Trust me, you should be afraid of me. Because my success will be your destruction. My weapon will be myself.