To The Boy That Caught Me


First off I wanted to thank you. Sitting here listening to Adele, I can honestly say that I have felt that kind of love. I have felt the pleasure of falling head deep into love, and here’s what makes you special, you caught me. Not just a little, you were waiting with arms wide open. You opened my eyes to things I would of never experienced without you, you showed me a whole new side to life.

You made me who I am now, someone that I love. You turned me into the person I am, the wiser and happier girl that I am. You told me that I can do anything and encouraged me constantly.You told me that just because I don’t believe in me doesn’t mean that other people aren’t rooting for me. You told me that it was okay to be a little weird, maybe even a lot weird.

You made me smile! Not just a cheesy little giggle. You made me laugh to where I could barely breathe. You told me I was funny, which I know I’m not! You showed me that goofy is okay, and that nerdy is even better. You showed me the little things count the most, like when you would pause Titanfall to kiss me. You played with me, and even let me attempt to wrestle you.

You showed me things that I didn’t know were there. I didn’t know about ZeitGeist until you suggested that I watch it. You took me to the most beautiful highs of the human mind, and didn’t let me crash coming down. You took me places that made me feel small. You made me feel important enough to keep your gaze around some gorgeous girls. I never felt more special then when you were looking at me.

I trusted you. Correction, I still trust you. You made me see that people do keep their word. You told me you would always be there and to this day, you’re still here when I need you. You let me cry on you without making me feel uncomfortable about it. You let me tell you things that no one else would listen to. You made me smile if I was about to cry, and it was amazing. You’re still my go to guy, and I can’t change that.

You put me first. You never even looked at another girl around me. You smiled when you looked at me like I was the most amazing person you have ever seen. Even when you got mad you never looked away from me. You called me when I was upset so we could talk it out. You called me back to tell me you loved me. You called.

You loved. You didn’t almost love or kind of loved. You loved. You broke every rule with me. You told me that you didn’t know and you couldn’t say it until you did. Then you knew. And you really knew. You didn’t look or stray you were here. Your heart was here.

You kissed me infront of friends, even if it wasn’t cool. You played with my hair, pulled me in, and kissed me, Hard. You had passion for me that no one had ever displayed. You kissed my forehead everyday before you left for work. You tried not to wake me, but you leaving, woke me, because you left. I needed you next to me.

You kept your word. You told me you would take me to New Orleans because I was obsessed with “The Originals” and so were you. You took me. I got to see Bourbon Street and walk it with you. I got to kiss you in the middle of Bourbon Street. You never left my side, until I left yours.

You fixed my heart. You really did, I know you don’t know it but you did. You took my heart and superglued it and taught me that everything goes on. Life goes on, and when we broke up, yes, life went on. You were my lobster, and sometimes I wish things would have been different and you would still be my lobster, but I know things happen for a reason. You taught me that. As I end this I want to thank you. YOU single handedly fixed me. It was and is you.

featured image – Alfonsina Blyde