To My Future Daughter: God Has Great Plans For You


I want you to know that before I will shape you into my womb God knows all about you. Before you will see the light of the day, He had Holy plans for you. You are God’s masterpiece.

I don’t know in what way I will be going to find out about you but I want you to know you are never been a second thought. In fact, I am excited to be with you.

Being your mom, I promise I will give you what you need. I will be the first one to witness your first smile, your first step, the first word you utter and every first in your life. I promise I will be there on the most special occasions of your life. I promise to make time with you if you want to.

I promise to watch over you 24/7. I promise to make a world for you. The kind of world that is full of love for you.

My dear, expect that life would not be fair. The universe is perfect, people are not. Along the way you may get hurt, you may fail, you may not get the things you want, and things may disappoint you. But those are part of living my dear. When you think everything is falling into places, come to Mom, I will fix it. When you think life will knock you out, I want to see you fragile but brave.

It’s okay to feel alone. It’s okay to close the door. It’s okay not to feel okay. It’s okay to feel weak.

If you feel empty, remember you have me. Remember the promises I told you. I want you to wake up everyday and craving for the new challenges because finally the fragile heart is gone. You are stronger, wiser and bolder.

Mom is no superhero. Mom bleeds. Mom has weaknesses. Mom gets tired. I don’t have a cape or metal to protect you, but I do have a loving heart to protect you from the painful attack of the universe. Let me your supermom.

I want you to grow kind and respectful. I want you to live your life boldly. Honor and obey me because that is what God commanded you to do. Take delight on Him ‘cause He is the only one who can give you the desire of your heart. I pray that no matter what life may offer, you will remain steady and strong. I pray you will be a woman before God’s own heart. Above all else, I pray that in everything you do you should put Him first.

Please don’t rush into finding love. Don’t go after human’s desire. Everything that society tells us normal is a lie. I want you to respect your body. Don’t be sad if you are not in a relationship.

Wait for the right guy. Someday at the right time you will meet someone who will stay with you for the rest of your life.

When you are old enough and about to make decisions in the future, forgive me if I might disagree with you. I want you to honor and obey me but I don’t want you to follow where I lead you. Even though Mom knows best, Mom fails. Mom stumbles. Mom makes wrong decisions.

Know that your mom is not perfect. And I want you to follow Him. I want you to follow where He leads you because He is perfect. He never fails. He never let you fail. He knows what’s best for you. Just follow the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and everything will be okay.

My dear, I want you to dream big and have it be yours. I want you to pursue Christlikeness. Be the best version of yourself.

Someday things may distance us. But my love and prayers for you will arrive soonest. We are bonds formed that cannot be broken. If there is one person that you can count on a lifetime, expect that that would be me. I will stand by you no matter what.

In this world where you can be anything, choose to make me proud. Make Mom proud.