To My Future Child, I Am The Woman I Am Today Because of You


You haven’t even been born yet but you already changed my life – you already have a power over me that push me to be the woman I am and the woman I wish to be.  When you finally come into this world and into my life, I want you to know how valuable you are because you made me the woman I am today.

I am outspoken because I want you to be able to live in a world where your voice will never be silenced. I want for you to feel that your opinion will always matter.

I am independent and assertive because I wish to make the world a better place for when you finally live in it. I want to prove to you that you have the ability to stand for what you believe in and for the kind of life you want to live.

I am hungry for success and achievement because I want you to see that nothing is more inspiring than a person who is driven to achieve her dreams. I want to show you that everyone is destined for greatness, especially you.

I dedicate my time to satisfying the world’s greatest hunger because I have high hopes that you will no longer have to witness how cruel the world can be. I want you to see that there will always be love and hope present in every corner of the world as long as you believe and work towards it.

I wish to travel and see the world because I want to be able to share with you how beautiful it is, and how it is yours to explore.

I refuse to conform to society’s expectations because I want you to realize that you can be accepted by the society for being the kind of person you truly are. I want to be able to tell you that societal pressure is nothing to worry about if you know yourself in the first place.

I am careful in making and trusting friends because I want you to be surrounded with people who will always have the best intentions for you. I want to show you that genuine friendship takes time and manifests itself in quality and never in quantity.

I have set high standards in choosing the man I will commit to because I want you to have an inspiring father – a father you will look up to as your hero. I want you to have a father that will love you for the most precious being that you are. I want for you a father who will give and do everything he can to provide you the desires of your heart.

Most of all, I am the woman I am today because you deserve to have the kind of mother that any child deserves – the kind that loves unconditionally and without reservations.

You deserve a mother who wishes to give you the best of what she and the world can offer. You deserve a mother who gives you the freedom and the means to be the person you aspire to be. And I want to be that mother to you.