To My Future Boyfriend, I Want An Old-Fashioned Love


Dear Future Boyfriend;

What should I call you? Babe? Love? Dear? Or just by your name? You probably still enjoy the gesture “Netflix and Chill”, and we probably have met before, maybe smiled at each other or maybe we just passed by each other along the busy and crowded grocery store.

I will tell you this, go enjoy yourself a rewarding Netflix and Chill cause when I become your girlfriend, we won’t be needing any of it.

And I will tell you this before anything else, I want an “old fashion love.”

Guarantee I will love you with all my heart and most likely with all my soul. I will take care of you like how usually a mother will care for her child. I will cherish every single memory we have.

And most importantly, I will respect you in all ways.

I want an “old fashion love,” where most of our days we will just talk and have a romantic night walks. I don’t need to be in a fancy dress suit nor do I want you to dress in one. I don’t need to be fed on a fancy five star restaurant, gourmet meals or a wine.

A long walk on a park will be very pleasing. Breathing in fresh air and seeing other people do their thing.

I want to experience different kind of love.

I want us to watch a movie under a cold, starry night.
I want you to lean over me while you give me your favorite sweater with your scent on it.
I want us to throw popcorn at each other and laugh, simply having the best time of our lives.

I want us to spend a night at the beach, just listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the cold water on our bare feet.
I want us to sleep under the starry night after our deep conversations.

I don’t need you to promise things.
Just promise that you’ll be there.

I need you to love me with all your heart.
I need your attention like how anyone else would want to.

It may sound that I ask too much,
But the fact is, I just want you. I need you to be with me.

We probably are not ready for now, but I hope you will wait for me like how I will patiently wait for you.

From your future girlfriend.