To My Ex—This Is How I’m Going To Get Over You


I’m not going to lie and say I don’t miss you or the moments we shared together. I do not want to ignore the two years we have known each other and the one year I was able to call you mine. Our relationship was special while it lasted. You were my first boyfriend. My first love and in some ways, I was your first love too. As much as I thought we were end game we didn’t make it in the end.

But, I have to be real and honest with myself the feelings are gone. You might not be able to accept my apology but, I am so sorry I was never able to tell you in person. As much as it is heartbreak to ever hear the words ‘I do not love you’. My mind can not think clearly when it is about you. Maybe this is because this was my first relationship and I am just figuring what the past few months meant to me. Though you calling me out of the blue of you crying telling me you love me just confuses me even more. I do not even know why I picked up. For all the reasons I probably should not have. And the text of asking a favor from me. That made me felt tied by you an that I don’t have a say. Well, I know I do not own you or anyone anything. Nor I should not be doing you any more favors.

This is why I have to block you. I need to finally set myself free from you. I only blocked your phone number. We are still following on each other’s social media. The reason is not to be able to stalk each other. I hope not at least on my end because either way, I do not post as much anymore. I am also not on social media as much because I am working on myself and social media can be such a toxic place that can suck you in.

I always heard from people that breakups are hard and it is even harder to stay friends. I thought they were delusional but right now I am the delusional one because you are starting to become more and more of a stranger than when we first met.