To My Celebrity Crush: I Still Think About You (Even Though We’ve Never Met)


It’s been four days, nine hours, and seven minutes since I’ve gotten over you for good, but you’ve left an imprint on my brain. We never even met each other, but I have always had fantasies of what we could have been if you had been a normal person like myself.

Would we be that loving couple that everyone wanted to be a part of, or a couple that brought out the worst flaws in each other’s personalities?

You’re part of a band that I adore, but obsessing over you is not healthy. By distracting myself every single day, maybe I can get the thought of you out of my head. I hope.

I won’t say your name anymore, but I still know who you are. I know your smile, your eyes, and your angelic voice shared with the world.

Don’t worry. I won’t be heartbroken over the fact that we can never be together. We may not be dating each other in this lifetime, but maybe it will happen in another one, or a different universe where fate decides to bring us together. How else can I feel affection for a beautiful stranger I’ve never even met?

If I had lived in the same country or city, as you did, would we have at least formed a friendship, or would we become acquaintances?
Passion within our souls is expressed in different ways: I have my writing, you have your songs. Would this have brought us together somehow?

I could say that I love you, but I’m too naïve to know what love really is. Because love isn’t rational at all, it’s the most illogical emotion of all time and makes you do insane things.

See, normally, I’m a pragmatic woman who wants to think things through, but these days, I want to take risks and follow my heart, even if the plan doesn’t turn out like I want it to be. Love makes you do strange things.

But if I’m being honest, it’s pretty clear that we’ll end up with different people in our lives, people that bring out the best in us and give us more hope than we can imagine. I can only hope.

For the record, my heart doesn’t do somersaults for you anymore, yet, I often glace at your Instagram and other social media accounts to pass the time away. But I know I need to stop myself from doing this. Only time and space will get me over you.

Maybe months from now, I’ll stop having fantasies of us dating, moving in together, meeting each other’s families, and facing other relationship milestones. But no matter what, you will always be close to me. Inside of my heart, and in my head.