To My BGFFS (Best Guy Friends Forever)


Thank you for those full-body, lift-me-in-the-air type of hugs that changed my entire day around, for always wiping my tears (sloppily, but in the kindest way you could), and for not getting mad when I bawled all over the shoulder of your new hoodie.

Thank you for listening patiently when I ranted about who knows what. And when I enlightened you on dumb girl drama that you could care less about. (S/O to you for pretending to be interested.)

Thank you for attending all my important events, and being the loudest voice in the stands. For embarrassing me whenever possible, and for always making me laugh.

Thank you for giving me crap when I deserved it, and for setting me straight when I was being a bossy, stubborn, sass.

Thank you for always picking up the phone when I called, for staying on the line as I walked through the scary part of town, or answering when I just wanted to talk because I missed your voice.

Thank you for accompanying me to parties when I didn’t have any of my girls to go with, and for being my date to Homecoming. And family dinner. And my best friend’s wedding.

Thank you for lunches and roadtrips and late nights driving my drunk booty home. And for never judging me for my choice in boyfriends. Or drinks.

Thank you for coming to my rescue when I popped my tire and for giving me countless rides, like when I ran out of gas, or got lost, or was stranded at that crappy house party.

Thank you for treating me better than a boyfriend would most days. For always saving me from creepy dudes, and for assessing the men in my life and threatening them to treat me right, or else.

Thank you for being the brother I never had, and the pain in the butt I’m so thankful I get to annoy.

Thank you for being you.