To My Best Friend, Who Won’t Stop Driving Drunk


I keep running all the options through my mind. What can I do to get you to stop before you hurt other people who don’t deserve it? I considered asking all of our shared friends to help me and do some sort of exclusion thing. Asking them to not see you when they know you’ve been drinking, but I don’t think that would help. There is the worst option, which would be reporting you to the authorities.

You laughed saying “I can lie to police officers you know.”

You can’t lie to a breathalyzer test.

But as you best friend, I can’t easily pin huge fines, multiple charges, and confiscation of your license on you.

You have a problem. I know you don’t have access to mental health care like you need, and I know you think the only thing that matters is living in Arizona, but I know you’re better than this. Stronger than this. I thought you were the best person I’d ever met, one of the only ones with a kind heart through and through; but this is changing my mind. How does a good person, no matter how depressed, endanger other people’s innocent lives like that. How much is a random person’s life to you? Apparently not more than that bottle of Jack.

You’re better than this. I know you are. And I love you to the ends of the earth and back. I learned a while ago that all the love in the world won’t change people though. Love does not excuse your horrible choices.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not above just letting you learn the hardest way. If it comes down to it I will. And that will be because I love you.