To Body Shamers: Please Just Shut Up


Please don’t comment on my body size or my leg hair, or my figure or my face without makeup or my face with heavy makeup. You have no right to. It’s rude when you do and it is not supposed to be any concern of yours.

I love me. My damaged me, my broken me, my wild me. I am beautifully flawed, your words no longer matter to me. You can love me as I am or leave me be but whatever you decide it won’t change how I have come to see, accept and love myself.

It’s an awful feeling when you or your body is shamed and treated in a certain way because it doesn’t meet the requirement of society’s brief called ‘normal’ and in the bid to belong you do everything especially the things you don’t want, just so you can be accepted.

It’s not only about the physical shaming, it’s also about my personality; my rare, beautiful and far from conventional personality. They find it complex to understand why I am the way I am, how I am so different and instead of trying to figure me out they move to make me feel awkward and abnormal.

Well, no more. I don’t want to live my life pleasing them, I don’t want to reject my beautiful self just because they don’t see me as normal. So yes, I love my curves and edges, I love my portable ass, I find my leg hair beautiful and different, I don’t have to laugh quietly because you can’t handle the roaring of my laughter, I refuse to tame my wild soul just so you can accept me.

“Not everyone is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some people are made of sarcasm and wine and everything fine.”

So do not comment on my body size and figure: good or bad, leave my leg hair alone, my heavy makeup or my no makeup face is none of your concern. I was not put on this earth to suit your preferences or please your taste. Stop all those things you say to shame my body, to make me feel less, like I’m unworthy and abnormal just because it is not the way you like it. Just stop it, you not only sound insensitive but stupid too.

So to all the victims of body shaming, your body doesn’t belong to anyone but you. Your difference is rare, your scars are beautiful, your personality is strong and amazing and as long as your body size and figure don’t bother you then it’s all good. You’re not to blame for not fitting into society’s brief called ‘normal’ and nobody has the right to make you feel inferior. You are rare and gorgeous and that is the only opinion that should matter to you.