To All The Girls With Soft Hearts And Stubborn Minds


You overthink things because your heart and your head can’t always sync up and come to an agreement. Your heart wants to let people in and give them a chance to get to know the real you, to fall in love with who you are. But your head shouts a different story.

Your head says “slow down, wait up a minute and let’s think this through.” In other words, “lets over think this and overcomplicate it” because there is absolutely no way you’re letting yourself get hurt again.

You put up a guard; in fact, your defenses are spot on.

You’re the girl that guys can’t tell is into them because you put on a tough front when you’re around them. But secretly you’re just hoping they give you the opportunity to lower your walls a little bit.

When it comes to speaking your mind, you never hesitate. You’re bold with what you say and you stick to your guns. It’s refreshing because girls sometimes think they need to hold back what they’re feeling or thinking in order to impress a guy. However, you know that you want a guy that will respect everything you’re thinking, not just the good stuff.

When it comes to love you don’t half-ass it, ever. Once your heart takes control and your head takes a backseat, the real romance comes out. When you fall in love you love with ever fiber of your being. Your heart swells ten times the normal size and you can’t help but want to share that with someone else.

You’re the girl that gives second, third, even umpteenth chances because deep in your heart you secretly wish there had been times others extended you that same courtesy.

You probably come across as uninterested at first, perhaps a little standoffish. It’s fair to be cautious, just don’t be overly cautious because you could miss out on so many new opportunities.

The biggest problem with having a soft heart and a stubborn mind is the ability to allow yourself to ruin your own happiness.

You let yourself think of everything that could go absolutely wrong and start mentally prepping for Armageddon. Meanwhile, your heart is screaming, “STOP! GIVE ME A CHANCE, STAND ASIDE IT’S MY TURN.”

Calm your worries and listen to your heart, I promise it isn’t always going to steer you in the wrong direction.

This doesn’t mean that you shut your brain down completely, because that would be plain silly. But, it does mean to turn it down a notch or two- and if we’re being honest, there is absolutely no way that you could function if you tried shutting down completely.

Lost would be an understatement because the type of girl you are requires a balance between your stubborn mind and soft heart to keep you going.

There is going to be a guy out there who is going to appreciate the time you put into make life choices, the careful consideration you put into relationships and the ability to make decisions on your own.

He’s also going to love you for how kind you are, for your generosity, your flair for romance, your ability to make others happy just by being yourself and for the amount of love that is just pouring out of your heart.

Take a deep breath because life is going to work itself out the way it’s supposed, to when it’s supposed to, and there are most definitely worse things that being a girl who’s a little stubborn but full of love.