To All Procrastinators, Stop Saying, ‘Tomorrow,’ And Do It Today



Tomorrow starts a new chapter. Tomorrow starts my new plan. Tomorrow I get on track.

We, as human beings, love the word “tomorrow.”


Because it’s easy.

It’s easy to start your workout plan tomorrow. It’s easy to risk rejection tomorrow. It’s easy to take out the trash tomorrow.

It’s easy to live the life you want tomorrow.

But that tomorrow that you pictured, it often never comes.

Because, although we dream of our lives being different, although we see more for ourselves, it’s easier for us to remain the same and wish than it is to take strides to live it.
We wish we were this, we wish we were that.

We wish we pursued certain things. We wish we looked a certain way. We wish we knew more.
We wish a lot.

I’m tired of wishing. I’m tired of hearing people wish (this also comes in the form of complaining, guilty as charged).

No matter what you do with your life each day, the day will pass anyway. No matter how long a goal takes to accomplish, the time will pass anyway.

Wishing, dreaming, planning— it’s great. It shows drive, it shows passion, it shows that you care. But standing alone, what it doesn’t do, is get you there.

Too often, we get stuck wishing because we’re too scared, too lazy, to put in the work it takes to make our wish our reality.

Make a choice, either realize that you’re not willing to work for your ideal tomorrow and accept your life for what it is, or simply change it.

Accept where you are, what you’ve done, who you are. Fully accept that person, and then take the strides needed to be better— to be the version you want to be.

Not tomorrow, not the next day, not Monday.

Today— right now.

Next time you put something off, whether it be a small every day task, or a step toward your dreams— take a second, and think to yourself, “how many times have I said, tomorrow?”

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