Thoughts On American Horror Story Coven: Week 2


  • This episode opens with my greatest wish being granted in effervescent Lily Rabe being one of the first humans to grace the screen. She is back after being burned at the stake last episode to bring gators back to life to eat some rednecks. If there was any animal I would not wish to see brought back to life…. it is alligators. Lily, why?
  • I believe this introduction might be the scariest of all three seasons. What the hell is that stick figure right before Evan Peter’s name?


  • Emma Robert’s is still on point with her acting in this episode, referring to Taissa’s abilities as her “black widow status.” For anyone who isn’t convinced of Emma’s acting ability, her character is supposed to be self-absorbed and apathetic. It is time we remind ourselves the difference between a character’s personality, and the actress playing that character.
  • I think the director turned to Emma and said “Act like you don’t give a single fuck about anything,” so she did. Really, really well.
  • Cops come calling at the boarding school to question Taissa and Emma as to how the bus full of Ed-Hardy wearing dude-bros flipped. Taissa cracks under pressure thinking they’ll have the evidence to convict her of murder due to her vagina having the power to snuff out the lives of boys.
  • Jessica Lange has to step in and protect the girls from the law, telling them later that the only thing they have to fear in the world is she. Hell yes. If I had no other incentive to watch this show, watching Jessica Lange throw people against walls would be enough for me.
  • Can we give Jessica Lange her Emmy already?
  • Taissa is emoting more than she did as Violet in the first season and I feel like a proud parent. I imagine it would be hard being the younger sister to Vera Farmiga and having to live up to all that perfection.
  • Seeing two juggernauts Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates on screen together brings me overwhelming joy…and when I see them face off and slap each other, my fan boy heart is content.
  • Whatever life elixir Jessica Lange is looking for, I think she already found it because she looks incredible.
  •  Gabby Sidibe calling someone a “pencil dick,” or telling Emma Roberts that she was going to eat her was the highlight of the episode, for me at least.
  • Taissa and Emma attempt to bring Evan Peters back to life by sewing together all the boys who viciously attacked Emma. “We take the best boy parts…and we build the perfect boyfriend,” if only it were that easy, Emma, if only.
  • Sarah Paulson’s character apparently has a husband and apparently wants a baby? Her fertility drugs are not working, so they decide to use some dark magic to have hot, fiery, snack sex. I was slightly turned on and slightly annoyed. If there is another demon baby this season I will be annoyed because Ryan Murphy, one demon baby in a show is enough.
  • In an epic reversal of roles, Kathy Bates is attacked by a mob of slaves and put into the ground to live forever. Angela Basset has another one of the best lines in this episode stating, “ If I wanted you dead, you would be.”
  • I love that this season is all about powerful women being independent and taking no bullshit.
  • I wonder if it was awkward for Taissa having to film love scenes with Emma and Evan Peters, seeing as they are dating in real life.
  • More scenes between Lange and Basset please because their conversation in the hair salon was literally perfection.
  • Taissa and Emma believe they have failed to bring Evan Peters back to life and decide to leave without cleaning up any of the mess they made of body parts and ritualistic supplies. A cop comes in to discover Taissa hiding. That is, until Evan Peters gets off the slab he was laying on and proceeds to beat the cop (potentially to death? #NotClear)
  • Lily Rabe is actually Stevie Nicks. If every time she is on screen Fleetwood Mac plays, I will be extremely happy.

I predict this season will be a lot of Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Basset duking it out for the title of Queen Bee.

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