Thoughts I Done Had On Bus


looked out window to see if bus was going the right way, thought ‘it wouldn’t matter anyway cos even if the bus went the wrong way i wouldn’t get off the bus in case the bus driver was all like ‘hey, this isn’t your stop!”

bus pulled into stop where police car was parked, thought ‘what have i done?’

while people boarded bus, thought ‘why do people always board the bus when i’m on the bus minding my own business.’

as people neared my seat, thought ‘oh god please don’t sit next to me.’

briefly attempted to sit so it looked like i was so chill about anyone sitting next to me that they wouldn’t even wanna sit there

as someone sat directly behind me, thought ‘if he’s going to kill me i’m basically already dead.’

bus turned out of bus stop, no one sat next to me, thought ‘why did no one want to sit next to me?’

while thinking about thoughts, thought ‘what did i consume to produce you…’

looked wide eyed at half eaten snickers bar in hand

rubbed forehead, felt eyebrows in process of conjoining, thought ‘break it up you guys.’

looked at text from girl, thought ‘if i am nervous and weird when we meet, it is because i am nervous and weird.’

looked out window, thought ‘long island ice tea is so famous it even has an island named after it.’

while itching back, thought ‘shit’ and checked through all my pockets twice while feeling insane

looked around bus, old lady and me made eye contact, thought ‘listen old lady, this boner is from bus vibrations so don’t you even look at me like that.’

as group of girls boarded bus, thought ‘i bet they on that facebook.’

saw guy board bus holding vhs copy of ‘star wars: the empire strikes back’

guy sat down and started talking to people around him

guy stood up, waved vhs and said ‘does anyone want this?’

looked at feet, thought ‘no one wants to talk on the bus’

guy said ‘wow, no one wants to talk on the bus’

looked out window, thought ‘i am lucky i am wearing heaphones.’

while thinking about girl, thought ‘i wish her feet were my pillow.’

while looking at hand, thought ‘i’ve been thinking about you all day.’

bus turned into bus stop, people boarded bus, thought ‘oh god.’

girl in tights sat next to me, felt neck paralyze head into forward facing position

leaned back to catch sideways glance, saw light caught in her arm hair

felt neck loosen for a second, looked directly at girl’s arm hair, thought ‘damn, your arm hair looks fine.’

thought about rubbing my cheek on her arm hair

thought about being a giant cheek and rubbing myself on her arm hair

thought about living the rest of my life from the perspective of her arm hair

thought ‘not sure when is good time to compliment arm hair.’

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