This Racist Twitter Assault On Leslie Jones Proves Our World Is Screwed Up


While most of the country watched The Republican National Convention last night, others were busy harassing SNL and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones on Twitter. Hit with a barrage of racist, threatening, and sexual tweets, Jones fought back, retweeting and commenting on the hate. As some followers urged her to ignore the trolls, others forged hate tweets under her Twitter name, with one spitting hate toward homosexuals, and others using foul language. The date on those tweets were incorrect, and didn’t come from her very own verified account, yet it did appear to use her actual twitter handle; photoshopping at its worst.

Fans, and stars alike came to her defense, but it was all just too much for the star who should have been celebrating the critically acclaimed release of her new movie, instead of fighting against the very potent racism that obviously still exists in our society.

The irony of the timing shouldn’t be ignored. As Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump took the stage in Cleveland, a person known to cause a divide, and incite hate, Leslie Jones was faced with what could be called one of the worst Twitter tirades to date. It’s unclear whether her leaving Twitter is permanent, but we wish Jones peace and light during this traumatic period.