This Poet Tweeted Unpopular Literary Opinions And They’ll Make Every Book Lover Laugh Their Ass Off


When a poet takes over a bookstore’s Twitter, you’d expect something beautiful, no? Well, when Patricia Lockwood took over Strand Bookstore’s account for an hour, it certainly was beautiful, but not in the way you’d expect.

That’s right — Lockwood basically spent the whole hour just tweeting unpopular opinions, and they were honestly hilarious (and a little out there).

Did I mention that these tweets are ~ out there ~?

Seriously, it just gets WEIRDER.

She even took a jab at a few famous authors, as we’re all wont to do.

People were understandably confused by the bookstore’s sudden outburst of interesting (and inappropriate) opinions.

Lockwood didn’t let the haters get her down, though, and left us with this gem:

If high school students don’t use these tweets to help them write their literary analyses, I’m going to be furious.