This Man’s Amazing Instagram Account Proves Exactly Why Your Dog Is The Ideal Valentine


Here’s the truth about Valentine’s Day: the best type of love isn’t shared between two humans. In his beautiful Instagram account, @thiswildidea, Theron Humphrey proves, photo after photo, that the only Valentine you really need is your precious pup. And here’s why.

1. She’s always going to be your partner in crime.

2. She’ll be a wayyyy better cuddler than any significant other.

3. You can totally take her on dates (as long as you keep her interested).

4. She’ll indulge in some relaxation time with you.

5. She’s the ideal partner for your deepest deepest heart-to-hearts.

6. She’s got your back.

7. She’s your ultimate ride or die.

8. And she’ll be right beside you through everything (even the crazy stuff).

9. She’ll keep it real with you.

10. She’ll never judge you for wanting a lazy day.

11. She’ll experience the world with you.

12. She’ll make you laugh.

13. She’ll conquer fears with you.

14. She’ll go on romantic dinner dates with you.

15. And romantic rides with you.

16. She’ll take care of your loved ones.

17. She’s much cuter than a human.

18. She’ll love you even when you’re being an idiot.

19. And she’ll rescue you, no matter the obstacles.

20. But most of all, she’ll be right beside you. Your partner, your other half, and your best friend. (Which is way better than any human significant other, by the way.)