This Man Plans To Launch Himself Into Space On A Homemade Rocket To Prove The Earth Is Flat


So who can I blame for making the flat earth theory popular again? For some reason, a sliver of this world’s population is convinced we’re not living on a globe, but on a flat disk. Um, I’m sorry, but have you ever read a fourth grade textbook?

But apparently this man won’t rest until he figures out the truth for sure. “Mad” Mike Hudges, a 61-year-old limo driver from California, has made it his goal to figure out if the Earth is flat once and for all. How? By going into space himself on his homemade rocket.

Hudges, who doesn’t believe in science, built the rocket out of scrap metal, estimating the cost to be about $20,000. For someone who doesn’t believe in science, he better hope he knows it well enough to create a vessel that won’t completely fuck up midair.

People online are definitely anticipating a tragic end to this story.

I guess we’ll just have to hope he stays safe and see what he finds while he’s out there. Spoiler alert: the Earth isn’t fucking flat.