This Is Your Chance To Start Over


Let’s start over. Let’s make a new beginning. You have stumbled upon words of anger for such a long time that you now don’t have any space left to be furious. On the contrary, you have so much space for one thing, something that slips out of your hands like sand: Love.

I have heard it over and over again how one needs to love thyself before loving someone else. I still wonder if it’s mandatory. You, then, wonder if the love for your friends, your family, and your whimsical crushes is all a lie? Have you never loved them at all? Have you never known love?

Then it dawns on you: How can you question your ability to love when you have felt it in your bones? It all comes down to that. That love you feel so strongly and so deeply, is it felt inside to the point where your body will shiver out of excitement? I have known love in many of its forms. A one-sided kind, a clumsy kind, a good kind—you name it. You might wonder why I didn’t mention the bad kind, the negative kind. To be frank, I don’t think that’s a form of love. I think love is meant to be good and meant to put out fires that we burn in daily.

No more excuses—let’s start over. Carefully, you stare at how beautiful this space we coexist in is. The stars have spoken as well. It’s time for a new beginning, one in which you’re allowed to ask questions as long as you don’t hurry in finding their answers. One in which there is no doubt to the love you give and share. It’s up to you, my dear. There is no right or wrong question here. This is a safe space, and your thoughts are widely valid.

Where you might think this is the end, it is only a new chapter from a book of endless pages. Don’t be scared. Our journey may be endlessly written, but the stories in it will end at one point or another. Don’t be scared to close that chapter. You deserve healing. Take your time to heal. Please don’t rush.