This Is Why You Wound Up With A Broken Heart


What people don’t understand is that you didn’t get heart broken because he wasn’t worth it.

You got your heart broken because you believed him when he said he would be committed to you.

You believed him when he said he loved you and he will do everything to show you he did.

You believed him when he told you he knew this road was hard but it was worth it because it was with you.

You believed him when he told you he will never stop believing in you, he will never let go no matter what problems your relationship will encounter, and that he will be there though the ups and downs. That for as long as you’ve been together, you believed you would be building a future together, because he promised you’d be together for the rest of your lifetime.

You are heart broken because you believed he would keep his words.

And that’s what hurt the most – him letting go of you and everything you shared together without even trying to hold on.